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Certified Basic and Advanced Private Security and School Security Officer Training At Its Finest!

The New Jersey Security Officers' Association is very excited about its latest successful training program, at the Trenton's P.J. Hill School facility themed: MEETING THE CHALLENGES OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM, which empowered 60 School Security Officers from the Trenton, New Jersey school system to become properly trained and new gain a new perspective on and a brighter outlook about their truly important and vital security services they provide to:

--The Director of Trenton School Security;
--The Trenton Board of Education;
--The Entire Trenton School System;
--The Parent of Students Attending Trenton Schools;
--The Educators and Administrative Staff who Count on them;
--The Students who Attend Trenton Public Schools;
--The General Public;
--The Trenton, New Jersey Governing Body
--The Governing Body of the State of New Jersey
--THe Citizens of the State of New Jersey
--The Entire Security and School Security Community;
--And Themselves, as They are now Fully Able to Appreciate the Importance and Scope of their Responsibilities, as well as the Extent of Personal and Collective Professionalism, as a Team.

These 60 School Security Officers were eager to learn and share and interact with each other, so the NJSOA has created this special website to enhance communication between the NJSOA and from member-to-member.

On behalf of the NJSOA, we gratefully thank:

--The Superintendent of Schools of Trenton, New Jersey
--The Trenton, New Jersey Board of Education
--The New Jersey Education Association
--Mrs. Rosemary Graziano - NJEA
--Ms. Debbie Scott - NJEA
--Mr. L. Louis Jordan, Founder - CO3GA
--Mr. Howard White - Chief of Security
--Mrs. Joyce Kersey - TBOA
--Mr. Don Shelton - TBOA
--Trenton School Security Officer Doug Smith
--Ms. Pamela Owens - NJEA
--Ms. Martha Chavis - Camden Health Education Center
--Ms. Maxine Page, Proprietor - Maxine's of Trenton
--Harry C. Kinne III - Wesleyan University, Connecticut
--William Clede
--The Late David Y. (Sam) Coverston
and You..

Today's society demands that the epidemic of crime be stemmed and the basic security needs of its communities be met. Law enforcement budgets are already feeling the pressures of economic downturns and budget reductions. More and more traditional law enforcement activities are being absorbed by private security organizations. Their functions are to provide the security, safety and services that law enforcement agencies are unable to extend.

With this expanded role for security comes the need for increased professional training, expertise and ability. No longer can the watchman or rent-a-cop perform the duties that a professional security officer is expected to carry out.

The role of Security Officer and Police Officer have never before been so similar. The black and white distinctions of yesteryear are now a continuum of grays. Lines of distinction are drawn more as the exception than the rule.

Today's security officer cannot be the untrained individual epitomized by the stereotype of the Square Badge retiree. He or she must be a professional whose training, education, and skill level are consistent with the complex functions and duties they are required to perform.

The Security Officer of today is as likely to be working with sophisticated electronic detection equipment, computers and communications as performing clock rounds. The skills required surpass those of many other occupations in variety and complexity. This requires training in such diverse areas as:

--Physical and Electronic Security
--People Skills
--Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
--First Aid
--Defensive Tactics
--Report Writing
--Civil and Criminal Law (and)
--Survival Skills.

The Professional Security Officer must also be trained in traditional police procedures. The actions -- or results of those action -- may end up in the hands of the police. The officer must plan any actions to insure that they comply with federal, state and local laws, as well as insuring that the initial response assists police, should they be called.

The Professional Security Officer is often the first responder to a crime. The officer's actions, or inactions, can dramatically affect the disposition of an incident. If the officer's first response destroys evidence, impedes the investigation, or otherwise interferes in the successful apprehension and prosecution of the perpetrator,Everyone loses!

--The Community loses.
--The Employer loses.
--The Security Profession loses
--And, ultimately, Society loses.

The New Jersey Security Officers' Association highly recommends that each and every NJSOA member and every security officer working in the dynamic, ever-expanding, professional field of Security read the SECURITY OFFICER'S MANUAL. It provides an in-depth analysis of the responsibilities and services that are inherent in the field. The Security Veteran will value this required-reading manual because of its thoughtful, thorough review and update of a field which is in a constant state of flux and transition. It provides a thorough analysis of the broad and technical duties that an officer may be requested to perform. It gives a practical interpretataion of the technical and social aspects of this truly complex position.

An individual who has acquired the knowledge, skills and training outlined in the SECURITY OFFICER'S MANUAL, which is included in the NJSOA Certified Security Officer's Training Course, will undoubtedly be well equipped to carry out the assigned duties in this exciting field.

For additional information relating to acquisition of the SECURITY OFFICER'S MANUAL, write to the publication national distribution center at the following address and request details or e-mail

American Focus Publishing Division
Post Office Box 663
South Plainfield, NJ 07080-0663

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Bomb Countermeasures 2.0 CD-ROM

Hidden Traps and Secret Compartments VHS

Armed Robbery Prevention Training 2003



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Who - What - When - Where - Why and How?

Our Basic NJSOA Security and Certified NJSOA School Security Officer Training Program Includes:

--Security 101
--The History of Security
--Key Issues in Security
--Security Management
--Security Officer Code of Ethics
--Security Services and Functions
--Image IS Everything
--Rising in the Security Industry
--The Irony of Security
--The Ultimate Plan for Achieving Internal and External Security
--Becoming a Good Security Officer
--Guidelines for Effective Verbal Communication
--Security Officer DOs and DON'Ts
--From the Commission of a Crime to the End
--Internat and External Security
--Hazard Awareness and Intervention
--Fire Awareness - Fire Investigation - Fire Prevention
--False Alarm Compliance
--Reports and Report Writing
--First Aid and CPR
--Bombs and Bomb Threats
--Identifying Suspects
--Identifying Lies in Disguise
--Insurance Investigation
--Management of Aggresive Behavior
--Gangs and Cults on Campus
--Street Gang Identification
--Security Officer Psychological Assessment
--Peer Leadership
--Student and Intruder Conflict Resolution
--Dealing with the Upset Public
--Workplace Violence
--The GOING POSTAL Syndrome
--The ART of Constructive Conflict Resolution
--The Fine ART of Handling Disputes Without Violence
--Real-Life Solutions to School and Workplace Violence
--Handling Hostage Crisis' in the Workplace and the School Campus
--Partnerships to Preventing School and Workplace Violence
--Female Fighting and the Male Dance
--Incident Survival
--Security Officer Stress Reduction
--Satanology 101
--Terrorism in the Workplace and on the Campus
--Property Identification and Inventory Control
--The Importance of Security Briefings
--Chain of Command - Chain of Respect
--Bloodbourne Pathogens
--Search and Seizure
--Developing Decision Making Skills
--Postmark to Terror
--What To Do If and When Stopped By The Police
--Special Security Operations
--Substance Awareness - Substance Abuse
--Skills for Managing Anger
--Car and Property Theft Prevention
--The Power of Choice and Making Ethical Choices
--Non-Lethal Force
--Handling Diversity
--Shoplifting Prevention
--Workplace Loss Prevention
And Much, Much More!

Advanced Security and School Security Training Programs are Also Available for Officers on the School Campus and those Working in the Private and Corporate Workplace.

Armed Robbery Training Manual on CD-ROM



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