Armed Robbery Training Manual on CD-ROM
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A New
Basic Training Edition
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A Low-Cost, Affordable Special Basic Training Edition of the original ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING MANUAL has been made available for Direct Download to Your E-mail Address for Only $39.95.

Orders for this new BASIC ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING Edition are now being taken. It is available for immediate ordering and download.

The new BASIC ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING Edition contains the basic Awareness, Training, Intervention and Prevention (and Survival) information needed for Employers, Employees, Managers, Trainers and Business Owners of Small, Smaller, Minority and Women-Owned Businesses.

It will also serve as a vital tool for Law Enforcement and Security Professionals actively involved in Workplace and Community Crime Prevention, as well as a unique premium/incentive or gift for small community-based convenience stores and retailers.

The BASIC ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING Edition contains (11 total subject areas).

These key and vital areas cover the type of basic training necessary for employees of smaller businesses at risk for robbery. At present, it serves as the most economical version of the original Armed Robbery Training Manual, yet, it contains a host of truly vital Techniques, Procedures, Recommendations, and Practices designed to lessen the overall liability for businesses of all types and at-risk employees.

Businesses using the BASIC ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING Edition can always upgrade to the complete Comprehensive CD Version of the Armed Robbery Training Manual, at any time, if and when it becomes necessary.

The BASIC ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING Edition on PC Diskette is very economically priced, cost-effective and uniquely affordable, for new hires' nad employees' personal use, since each and every employees can totally benefit from self-training, as individuals, as well as collectively as a group.

The BASIC ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING Edition on PC Diskette contains and addresses topics that include:

*Alarms: Use & Training

*Care For Yourself After a Traumatic Event

*Injuries and Weapons

*Armed Robbery Training (Training Session Documentation)

*Resisting a Holdup

*Target Selection (Robbery Security Survey Form)

*Observation Skills (Robbery Description Forms)

*Police Response

*Weapons of Robbery (Weapon Images)

*Armed Robbery - With Injury

Part 1 and 2 (Smaller Business)
Armed Robbery: With Injury. A Case Study and Discussion

This training is a must for New Hires, Employers, Employees, Managers, Small Business, Minority and Womann--Owned enterprises, and security trainers of smaller businesses such as:

*Drug Stores and Pharmacies

*Community Convenience Stores

*Dry Cleaner Facilities

*Fast Food Restaurants

*Gasoline and Food Service Stations

*Retail Stores of All Types

*Lottery Vendor Locations

*Automobile Showrooms

*Other Small and Woman-Owned Businesses

*Businesses with Storefront Locations

*Walk-In Non-Profit Service Centers

*Church Fund Raising Enterprises

*Personal, Individual and Group Use

And Many, Many More Uses!

Order your ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING MANUAL - Basic Training Edition TODAY, ... and Start Training TOMORROW!




The complete and comprehensive ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING MANUAL on CD-ROM is specially designed to help law enforcement agencies, on all levels, to train their key investigative and crime prevention officers and related response personnel; for security and loss prevention managers to train supervisory personnel and employees, and security directors to teach their officers in an effort to reduce the robbery risk and enhance customer safety at their business or corporate workplaces.

In the wake of increasing armed robbery incidents against postal employees, this training manual will prove vital in properly training both mail carriers and window clerks.

This truly unique, much-needed and completely printable manual (in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format) on CD-ROM also equips wholesale or hotel and motel operators, both small and large retail merchants, and fast-food franchise and convenience store owners with the tools they need for their vital training roles and loss prevention duties.

Always Available For Immediate Order and Timely Delivery!
The ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING MANUAL ON CD-ROM is designed to help you, your co-workers and managers, learn how to reduce the robbery risk that you have.

This manual on CD-ROM also equips Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention and Security Trainers with the tools they need for their vital training roles and responsibilities.The Armed Robbery Training Manual on CD-ROM presents you with key educational content, and then breaks the content down into...





--Study questions,

--and Procedure cards that YOU can be the teacher!

A collaborative work by armed robbery experts John D. Moore, CPP, and Ken Fadeley, this manual covers subjects the authors want you to be able to read, teach, or print, in the high-risk location where you need it most.

Available in digital format...

For immediate use in the workplace, the police agency, the criminal justice or academy training setting, for use by detectives and private investigators, and you, this manual is available in it's entirety in print-capable Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

Each CORE topic is followed by content outlines, study guide questions, and any forms, full color images, checklists, guidelines, or procedure cards relevant to that particular armed robbery topic.

The ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING MANUAL on CD-ROM is an absolute must for police trainers, general and private security professionals, retail and shopping mall security organizations and for those responsible for safety and security training in the workplace. It is also suitable and recommended as an employee handbook for veteran employees and new hires.

The ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING MANUAL on CD-ROM registered under ISBN:1-877858-60-9, can be purchased directly from USCCCNII/American Focus by Check, Money Order or Credit Card.

CORE Topics include...

--Alarms, Use & Training

--Bomb Devices and Images

--Bomb Threats & Procedures

--Conducting Mock Robbery Training

--Conducting Off-Site Training

--Executive Protection

--Executive and Family Safety at Home

--Injuries and Weapons

--Myths of Armed Robbery

--Observation Skills

--Physical and Environmental Security

--Police Response

--Post Robbery Trauma

--Resisting a Holdup

--Robbery Procedure Cards

--Robbery Security Surveys

--Robbery Training Studies

--Robbery Training Techniques

--Security Lighting

--Target Selection and Security

--Training by Role Playing

--Weapons of Robbery

Each manual discusses the CORE topics listed above, as well as electives about armed robbery.

Elective Topics...

--Armed Robbery In an All America City

--Title 12, Banks and Banking,

--Chapter 1, Minimum Security Devices and Procedures

--Title 12, Banks and Banking,

--Chapter 2, Miscellaneous Requirements

--Title 12, Banks and Banking,

--Chapter 2, Part 216, Security Procedures (Reg, P)

--Title 12, Banks and Banking,

--Chapter 3, Part 326, Minimum Security Devices and Procedures and Bank Secrecy Act

--Title 12, Banks and Banking,

--Chapter 5, Part 568, Security Procedures,

--Section 568.3, Security Program

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United States of America

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ARTM Cover; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Order The Complete Armed Robbery Training Manual on CD-ROM Today @ $295.00 Prepaid! Credit Card Orders - CLICK HERE Credit Card Orders - See:

Order The Armed Robbery Training Manual on CD-ROM Today!

Effective January 1, 2003: A New BASIC TRAINING Version of the ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING MANUAL is now available for Download to Your E-mail Address @ $35.00 Each. For Complete Details, CLICK HERE and request information via E-mail. Please Place The Words "ARTM Basic Training Download" in either the Subject of Body of Your Message.

The Armed Robbery Training Manual CD-ROM is being used by:

--Law Enforcement Agencies on All Levels,
--Convenience Stores,
--Corporate Safety Trainers,
--Loss Prevention Managers,
--Corporate Security Trainers,
--Credit Unions,
--OSHA Representatives,
--Criminal Justice Libraries,
--Retail Stores and Outlets,
--Risk Managers,
--Security Companies,
--Service Stations,
--Foreign Countries and Agencies with Robbery Dilemmas,--and more!

Be Sure to E-mail for complete details on:

--Insurance Investigation Training
--Bomb Countermeasures Training
--Police Vehicle, Suspect, Residence, Etc Search Training 

--Detecting Deception in Suspect/Witness Verbal Behavior

--Survival Tactics for Armed and Unarmed Retail and Convenience Store Merchants

--Gang Awareness and Training

--Stress Management For Life

--Street Stress Prevention for Law Enforcement

--Post and Postal Traumatic Stress

--Police Use of Force

--Occult Crime Awareness and Investigation

--Satanism in Prisons

--The Rape of Incarcerated Inmates

--The American Focus on Rape

--Avoiding Rape On and Off Campus

--Castration of Sex Offenders as a Proven-Effective Treatment (and Not a Punishment)

--A Brief History of Castration

--The Advantages of Castration

--The Disadvantages of Castration

--Serial Killers: A Focus on David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz

--Hell Ranch:
The Nightmare Tale of Voodoo, Drugs and Death in Matamoros

--Super-Highway Robbery

--Police Use of Force

--Hotel - Motel - Lodging Security

--Office - Building and Shopping Mall Security

--Parking Lot Security

--And Much, Much More!


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Armed Robbery Training Manual on CD-ROM
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Insurance Investigation Training Manual
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Satanism, Occult and Cult Intervention
Avoiding Rape On and Off Campus
The Advantages, Disadvantages and History of Castration
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In recent months, national news media have continued to report the rising incidents of shoplifting, robberies, thefts and armed robberies perpetrated upon local gasoline stations, banks, fast food restaurants, convenience stores and major retail chains, and against apartment and condominium tenants and homeowners.

While most of the incidents in this areas have not resulted in death, many do!

Every day in America, both retail merchants and customers die at the hands of armed robbers.

Most merchants die because:

1. their store(s) were an easy target

2. they had no preventive security measures, and

3. they were unprepared to defend themselves, their employees and their customers.

Regardless of where their retail business is located, these seemingly targeted retail merchants and small business owners who fail to take proactive measures to reduce their vulnerability to armed robbers, will suffer a loss of business!

This will automatically result because customers will not risk patronizing unprepared, high risk stores or those retail locations who fail or refuse to secure their locations.

Both male and female, adult and young customers and patrons do not wish to be injured or killed by robbers at a fast food restaurant, supermarket, retail clothing outlet, mall location or anywhere or by criminals who are increasingly more brazen and well armed, and no longer hesitate before shooting and killing innocent merchants, business owners and customers in hopes of making a "clean getaway with no witnesses to 'finger' them!"

It is Vital that retail merchants and financial institution employers and employees learn to:

1. make their business location a hard target to rob, and

2. protect themselves, their employees and their customers in the event of an armed robbery.

Through the ARMED ROBBERY TRAINING MANUAL on CD-ROM and an accompanying survival tactics manual for armed and unarmed merchants, Retailers will learn to:

1. design your store to deter robberies,
2. construct a "Personal Defense Zone" in your store,
3. protect you cash and merchandise,
4. make your "back room" a life-saving refuge,
5. spot suspicious characters entering your store,
6. protect yourself after closing,
7. use video security systems,
8. educate your employees about what to do if robbed,
9. make sure your defensive tactics and actions are legal,
10. devise personal protection tactics for use before, during and after a robbery,
11. design and build a "Merchant-Friendly Counter",
12. respond when confronted by an armed robber,
13. protect yourself legally if you use deadly force,
and much, much, much more!

For those who currently own retail locations; are considering opening a retail or convenience store location, and those who are considering the remodeling of their current location, this duo of programs will serve as an invaluable set of resources because it makes available extensive information about tactical store design found and proven useful in thwarting robbers!

The Time For Intervention and Prevention is Now!


Order The Armed Robbery Training Manual on CD-ROM @ $295.00 ... 
Now in its 7th Edition 
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1 Complimentary Copy of:
The Nightmare Tale of Voodoo, Drugs and Death in Matamoros 

Order From:

Post Office Box 663
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All Orders Must Be Prepaid by Check or Money Order Payable to: USCCCN II/AMERICAN FOCUS or By Credit Card.

Fed. ID# 22-3248936