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As a School Security Director or someone affiliated with the task of security for any school system, it is important that you know what REALLY took place at Columbine High School before, during, and afterwards, and what lessons must be learned from it.

That is why the new edition of the guide,

"The Littleton Massacre And Its Aftermath: Meeting The New Challenges Of School Security," ... is so essential.

This 70-page guide is a concise review of WHAT happened and WHY, and gives you the basis for a truly meaningful plan to prevent future Littletons from taking place at your school or school campuses within your jurisdiction.

You will get the facts about...

*the District;

*the School;

*the Two Youths who committed the murders;

*the Indicators that something was amiss;

and what the Police, the Courts, Friends, Neighbors, Teachers, Counselors, Deans, Principals, and Superintendents knew or said they knew before the shootings and bombings.

You will find out about PLAN A and PLAN B and why the day chosen for the attack turned out to be fortuitous for some students.

You will follow the assailants, WHERE they went and WHAT they targeted, during the time they were in the school.

You will learn WHERE the Principal was during the attack and WHAT he did, as well as WHAT the Police Did or Did Not do.

Youll also learn about the Critical Period following the massacre and its impact locally and nationally, an impact that is not abating.

Further, you will ascertain the FIVE Lessons that the massacre and its aftermath should teach;

what school officials can do to prevent future Littletons or worse from occurring;

and how to reduce casualties if an attack begins, including those produced by a worst-case situation.



Before the Massare...

SECTION TWO: April 20, 1999...

SECTION THREE: The Aftermath At Columbine High School And Other Colorado Schools...

SECTION FOUR: Five Important Lessons Of The Littleton Massacre And Its Aftermath...

SECTION FIVE: What Can Be Done To Stop School Terrorism Before It Happens...

SECTION SIX: Reducing Casualties During A Terrorist Attack...

SECTION SEVEN: Preparing For The Worst-Case Scenario...

SECTION EIGHT: Aftermath--How School Officials Have Reacted To New Plots And Plotters...

SECTION NINE: What School Districts Are Doing To Prevent Another Columbine.

APPENDIX ONE: Listing Of Articles And Reports On Preventing And Dealing With School Violence...

APPENDIX TWO: Listings Of Professional Security Consultants.

CLICK HERE For Purchasing Details of The Littleton Massacre Aftermath Manual. Simply Place the Words "Columbine Lessons" in the Subject of your E-mail Message and your contact datta in the Subject.