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The Role of a Security Officer on the School Campus or in the Private or Corporate Workplace is indeed a Challenging Profession for Anyone Seeking this type of Occupational Specialty.

Can You Be an Effective and Professional Security Officer?

Their job and primary responsibility is to serve their employer, to protect assets and company services as well as personnel, and enforce company rules with judicious discretion.

To accomplish these purposes, the Security Officer may be required to detain an offender for the police, to prevent bodily harm by controlling an aggressor, to safely orchestrate and oversee the evacuation of a school building or workplace in the event of a fire, bomb incident, a terrorist attack and even defend him/herself against an direct armed attack of deadly force.

He/She may be required to manage aggressive behavior, quell a violent domestic or employee confrontation, check the property and vehicles for threats, conduct threat assessments, or any number of security-related functions.

As A Security Officer or School Resource Officer:

1. Are You Mentally and Physically Equipped to Protect Life and Property?

2. Do you have the skills to Manage Aggressive Behavior or to quell a violent confrontation at your workplace?

3. Can you deal with members of the upset public in a non-lethal, non-violent manner unless reasonable force is required?

4. Do You Know the Difference Between Reasonable Force and Deadly Force?

5. Do You Know The Difference Between RESPOND and REACT?

6. Can You Conduct a Site Security Survey?

7. Can You Conduct a Workplace Threat Assessment?

8. Would You Know How to Handle a Cult on Campus?

9. Could You Effectively Manage a Critical Incident?

10. Can You Read and Understand the "Newspaper of the Street?"

11. Do You Know The SIX Elements of a Great Report?

12. Can You Help To Turn Your Area of Security Responsibility into a World Class Operation?

13. Can You Project a Professional Image?

14. Can You Help Fellow Officers in Time of Crisis?

15. Are you Properly Trained to Accomplish Security-Related Tasks Successfully and Effectively?

If You Are Currently Working in a School or Private Security Capacity and Cannot Answer All or Any of the Above Questions Successfully, CLICK HERE to E-mail the NJSOA and Place the Words: "I Need To Be Properly Trained in Security" in Either the Subject or Body of Your E-mail Message.


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The School Security Officer Must Help to Maintain the School Campus as A Safe Haven; Enforce Zero Tolerance to Drugs and Gangs, Sexual Harrassment, and Ensure that his/her Campus is Impervious to Crime.

The Professional School, Campus and Private Security Officer's Key and Foremost Responsibilities Include:


Safety and Security FIRST!


The Educational Community and the School Campus, including:





--Support Staff


--Transportation Personnel

--Bullying and Intimidation

--Visitors and Visiting Guests

--Unwanted Visitors and Unwanted Guests

--Intruders and Perpetrators

--Designated School Property

--Threats to the Campus Community

--Fire Response

--Fire Intervention

--Fire Prevention

--Fellow School Security Officers

--Internal Buildings

--External Grounds

--Rooftops and Basements

--Grass and Foliage

--Hallways and Stairways

--Locks and Keys

--Windows and Doors

--Parking Lots and Vehicle

--Lockers and Closets

--Gymnasiums and Classrooms

--Computers and Audio-Visual Equipment

--Contiguous Streets on Campus

--Sidewalks on Campus

--Bomb Threats

--Hazards of All Types

And Much More!