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Dealing with Violence By Students
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Violence by students takes many forms and poses a number of challenges to campus officials.

This guide presents numerous examples of the different kinds of student violence that take place, their causes, and effects.

Each of the eight sections in the guide provides first-hand reports from campus officials on what happened and what was done about it.

The contents of this guide focuses on the most common forms of campus violence by students.

SECTION ONE deals with problems resulting from violence by athletes and programs that have been successful in curbing such incidents.

SECTION TWO relates a number of incidents where physical violence and threats of violence were tied to bias crimes against women, gays, blacks, and others. A growing problem, physical harassment and assaults on women athletes, is reviewed.

SECTION THREE deals with bomb incidents on campus and gives detailed background on bombings related to the case of the Unabomber, who turned out to be a former student at Northwestern University.

The lessons learned from the bombs he placed at several universities around the country are provided to enable campus officials to handle other bombing incidents.

SECTION FOUR presents programs for dealing with domestic violence.

SECTION FIVE reviews a number of the ever-growing trend of fraternity hazing incidents and provides insight into two areas of hazing that are not usually publicized:

1. Hazing by Sororities;
2. Hazing and Violence in Black Fraternities.

SECTION SIX describes three recent incidents of hostage taking by armed students and how campus police officials handled them.

SECTION SEVEN covers what is probably the most common form of violence on campus: violence stemming from drunkenness at on- and off-campus parties.

SECTION EIGHT illustrates a form of student violence that has been causing increasing concern in the past decade: Student Attacks on other students much of which, on the surface at least, seems unprovoked.


SECTION I: Violence By Athletes

Football Players Suspended

Officials Weigh Fairness Vs. Favoritism

Campuses Take Steps To Curb Violence

Campaign To Educate New Students Planned

Mandatory Education Of Chemical Abusers

Alcohol Abuse/Sexual Assault Correlation

Successful Freshman Orientation Programs

Northeastern U. Targets 10-15% of At-Risk Students

Athletes Train Athletes In Non-Violence

SECTION II: Bias Violence

Anti-Feminist Backlash On Canadian Campuses

Anti-Gay Harassment And Violence On Campus

Minnesota Campuses Respond To Bias Violence

White Student Union Founder Sparks Controversy

Other Bias Incidents At Minnesota Uuniversity

St. Thomas Assault, Cross Burning May Be Linked

Fliers Threaten Lives Of Professor, Administrator

Fight Sparks Demonstration, Discipline

Black Athletes Face Harassment

Letters Urge Lynching Of Interracial Couple

Bethel Professor Faces Alleged Racist Threats

Terroristic Threat Charge

Coincidence Or Conspiracy?

Racism, Minnesota Style

What Campus Security Can Do

Time To Rethink Protection For Women Athletes

SECTION III: Bombings On Campuses

The Mad University Mail Bomber: Aftermath Of His Latest Strike

Some Prior Campus Bombings: A Chronology

Yale And UCSF: Training Staff Members

Some Other Steps You Can Take

Weighing Risks Vs. Costs

A Mail Screening Device For Universities

Police Seek Clues To Three Bomb Incidents At Two Rutgers U. Libraries

SECTION IV: Domestic Violence

Michigan State U. Opens Safe House For Domestic Violence Victims

University Of Illinois Hires Staffer To Deal With Domestic Violence

SECTION V: Fraternity Hazing

Fraternity Hazing: Why Violence Persists

The Outlook For Reducing Hazing Violence: Mixed

Hofstras Support System

Hazing Goes Underground

Fraternity Officials Must Accept Responsibility

Sororities: Just As Bad?

Death Prompts No Policy Changes

Pledge Prank Results In Shooting Death

Melee Participants Get Diversity Training

Black Fraternities Act To End Hazing, Violence

SECTION VI: Hostage Taking

Two Students Hold Fraternity Members Hostage At Gunpoint

Hostage-Taker Killed In Res Hall Incident

University Deals With Hostage Crisis, Lawsuit, Phony Rape Charge

SECTION VII: Party Violence

Riots, Rowdyism, And Drunkenness: An Update

South Dakota State University

Central Michigan University

University of Hartford

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Ohio Wesleyan University

Universities Target Violence, Excessive Drinking

Fighting Violence And Drugs At Johnson & Wales University

Student Enforcers And Patrollers Curb Violence

Greek Neighborhood: Upsurge In Violence

How Community Crime Patrollers Aid Police

Unarmed Observers Of The Crime Scene

U. Of Nevada: Strict Control Of Parties

The Foxes Watching The Chickens?

WVU Res Halls: Helping Students Move In Safely; Ending Party Violence

Two Universities Stem Violence At Campus Parties

Brown University

Montclair State University

North Carolina Colleges, Universities Deal With Drug Use And Violence

Behind A Reported 40% Increase In Drug Violations

UNC-Chapel Hill Police: Working Closely With Student Housing Personnel

East Carolina U: Students More Willing To Come Forward

ASU Reviews Safety Programs After Rapes, Shooting

Gardner-Webb: Zero Tolerance For Alcohol On Campus

On- And Off-Campus Riots At U. Of Colorado, Boulder

When A Drunken Crowd Of Young People Goes Amok

Is Enforcement Too Strict?

Drunks Who Didnt Want Their Party Shut Down

Police: A Tremendous Amount Of Restraint

After The Riots: New Training For CU Police

Dont Let Parties Get Out Of Hand

Alcohol Enforcement Program Seen Successful

Blame The Liquor Suppliers

Needed: A Broader Approach By Security?

SECTION VIII: Students Attacking Students

Unprovoked Violence On Campuses: Students Against Students

Snowball Fight Generates Campus Prevention Plan

Violent Incidents At Vanderbilt Heightens Student Awareness

WMU Students, Faculty, Administration Seek Answers To Violence

U. Of Houston Students Poem Prompts Increased Security

North Carolina Central Implements Dusk-To-Dawn Parking Patrols

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