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Grants and Funding for Non-Profits, Police, Fire, At-Risk Youth, Schools, Individuals Seeking Funding, Etc.
Just What Is The Federal (Grant) Money Retriever 2000?

It's an Easy-To-Use and Much-Needed CD-ROM Database You Can Use to Find ALL the Grants and Funding Available from the Federal Government! It's Updated Twice During Your Subscription Year! If Grants and Funding are Available from the Federal Government, You'll Know About It With the Federal (Grant) Money Retriever!


The Federal (Grant) Money Retriever (FMR) 2000 is the premier software for anyone interested in applying for U.S. federal Grants and Loans.

The FMR 2000 is already helping thousands of law enforcement agencies, non-profit organizations, associations, grassroots groups, schools, colleges and universities and businesses to grow.

NOW, it is also available to INDIVIDUALS seeking government assistance.

The FEDERAL (GRANT) MONEY RETRIEVER 2000 includes four useful components:

--The FMR Pre-Application Wizard
(easy step-by-step preparation and print out of professionally formatted pre-application documents)

--The FMR Guide to Federal Funding
(specific and easy-to-follow instructions on how to prepare your grant application)

--The FMR Database
(always up-to-date information on over 1,400 grant, loan and other assistance programs offered by the U.S. federal government)

--The FMR Search and Report Tools
(fully integrated graphical point-and-click set of searching and reporting instruments custom developed to correspond to the information in the FMR database).

The FEDERAL (GRANT) MONEY RETRIEVER (FMR) 2000 is ... simply a MUST HAVE software program for anyone interested in government grants and loans.

--Grant Proposal Writing Software and Grant Expenditure Tracking Software programs are also available for PC Windows computers!


Many Corporations order additional copies of the Federal (Grant) Money Retriever to Donate to Local Non-Profits and Groups Seeking Grannts. This can be a Taxable Deduction.

Looking For Grants and Funding from Corporations?

Be Sure to Click on the Tab and Read the Details about the National Directory of Corporate Giving.

And Also Be Sure to Click on FEDERAL (GRANT) MONEY RETRIEVER 2000 to browse our ever-expanding list of satisfied Federal (Grant) Money Retriever Clients and Users!

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Grants and Free Money Can Be Yours With the FEDERAL ((GRANT)MONEY RETRIEVER (CD-ROM with 2 Updates) and GRANT PROPOSAL WRITING Software for Windows (PC Disk and Tutorial) @ $199.95 Prepaid.

If You Wish to Purchase the FEDERAL (GRANT) MONEY RETRIEVER ONLY - $114.95 (oncludees UPS Shipping and 2 Updates)

NJ(Only) Purchasers Must Add 6% NJS Tax Unless Exempt.

All Orders Must Be Prepaid - Payable to: USCCCN II.

Order From:

USCCCN International, Incorporated
Post Office Box 663
South Plainfield, NJ 07080-0663
Fed. ID# 22-3248936

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Order Your FEDERAL (GRANT) MONEY RETRIEVER 2000 Today and start applying for Grants!!

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