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Grants and Funding for Non-Profits, Police, Fire, At-Risk Youth, Schools, Individuals Seeking Funding, Etc.
About USCCCN International, Incorporated

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Our Business Philosophy

Quality Goods and Services at Reasonable and Affordable Prices!

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We Are Here To Serve You!

Grants for Non-Profits
Grants for Law Enforcement
Grants for Fire Services and EMS/EMT
Grants for Individuals
Grants for Operating
Grants for Health
Grants for Small Businesses
Grants for Schools
Grants for Crime Prevention
Grants for Individuals
Grants for You 2000
Grants from the Federal Government
Grants from Corporations
And Grants For Whatever Purpose You Deem Necessary!

Federal or Corporate Dollars Can Be Yours For The Asking!

And For 2000-2001...There Are Virtually Unlimited Funding for:

--Non-Profit Organizations
--Grassroots Community Groups
--Volunteer Fire Fighter Units
--Emergency Medical Response Teams
--Municipal Police and Fire Departments
--And for the First Time: INDIVIDUALS!

And You'll Find It Listed on the Federal (Grant) Money Retriever CD-ROM!