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Grants and Funding for Non-Profits, Police, Fire, At-Risk Youth, Schools, Individuals Seeking Funding, Etc.
News and Events

These pages are continuously under Construction. We'll continue to update and use this page to keep our customers abreast of news and events relating to Grants. Below are examples of the type of information we might include.

Loans for Homeowners for Rebuilding and Remodeling
Grant Proposal Training
and Much, Much More!

Due to the recent success of the FEDERAL (GRANT) MONEY RETRIEVER, two new Non-Profit Organizations are using the program to identify, locate and obtain Grants...

People Against Car Theft, Incorporated
The New Jersey Tennis Association
The National Clearinghouse on Satanic Crime In America
The Masters of Philanthropy
Fundus Demos Diplomatie

You Can and Should Be Next On This List!

And the winner is...

YOU and YOUR Agency, School, Non-Profit, Association, For-Profit Small or Woman-Owned Business, especially when you Order and Use the Following:

--Federal (Grant) Money Retriever
--The National Directory of Corporate Giving
--Grant Writing: A Hands On Approach
--Grant Expenditure Tracking for PC with Quicken

And More!

It's finally here!


This offers you a unique opportunity to identify and apply to Corporations who Award Grants, Funding and Tectnology to Non-Profits, Schools and Organizations.

For Full Details and Ordering Instructions, E-mail uscccnii@aol.com

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Your Computer Screen will Come Alive when you Use the FEDERAL (GRANT) MONEY RETRIEVER!