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The immediate availability of the nation's most authoritative and comprehensive reference for information on school technology funding was recently announced by USCCCN International, Incorporated, a South Plainfield, New Jersey-based organization of Grant and Funding Resources, as well as Grant Proposal Writing and Grant Expenditure Tracking Software providers, serving Law Enforcement, the Educational Community, and allied professionals.

Grants and related funding are readily available for those who know where to locate them and how when to apply for them. Too often, these vast funds are revoked because school and education administrators, educators, police and non-profit grant seekers fail to make application for the free money, which often never has to be repaid. The same holds true with consumers who fail to apply for the countless billions of dollars available to them to remodel and/or repair their homes and apartments.

Currently, over thirty billion dollars in grants and related funding are available and specifically earmarked for school technology programs, which include computers, software, educational learning aids and training.

All the information sought and needed by schools, educators, administrators and those non-profit organizations serving the educational community, relating to grant funding for school technology can now be found in ...


Simply stated, THE 2000-2001 SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY FUNDING DIRECTORY is the virtual "bible" for school technology grants and related funding and will serve as one of the most powerful fundraising tools that all American schools or educational organizations presently need and will ever own.

Within its 200 pages, prospective grant seekers will find hundreds of technology funding sources and resources for grades ranging from K-12.

These sources range from:
*Federal, state, and local government agencies,
*Corporate foundations,
*Private endowments,
*Charitable organizations,
*Organizations that donate to schools,
*and community foundations.

All of the entries are concisely listed, described and indexed for instant access and research. Also included are:

*Funding priorities,
*Financial data for each donor
*Financial data for each funding resource,
*Sample letters,
*Sample grants, and
*A Glossary of grant-related terms to enhance users' understanding of the grant process.

Users of ...

THE 2000-2001 SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY FUNDING DIRECTORY will find valuable sections containing a vast amount of helpful advice from the nation's most successful grant and funding authorities on...

*How to research potential funding prospects, *Common myths about writing grant proposals;

*Links to dozens of resources on the Internet, and a host of other valuable information provided specifically for schools.

THE 2000-2001 SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY FUNDING DIRECTORY...has been created and written to serve as the ?e-stop?source for locating the countless technology grants and related grant funding for Schools.

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