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The NCSCIA FOCUS Newsletter
The National Clearinghouse on Satanic Crime In America (and)The National Christian Institute of Satanology

We Publish a Periodic Newsletter. Here are Some Timely Articles.

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The NCSCIA FOCUS Newsletter

Random Issues In Your Interest!


Are parents and churches justified in keeping their children from halloween parties? Do halloween celebrations contribute to Satanism and occult interests? These and many other questions are being asked by parents, pastors, teachers and others.

First, a little about the history of halloween. Before halloween there was a Celtic holiday to celebrate the new year and honor Samhain, who was the Centic god of the dead. The church then made November 1 All Saints Day. Halloween, which is also called All Hallow's Eve, then became a pagan festival to honor all the deities with a special emphasis on Samhain.

A common druidic belief was that barriers between the worlds of the gods and mankind were broken down this night. Because of this, fires, animal and even human sacrifices were common in some areas. The festival has traditionally been satanic, or at least associated with witchcraft practices.

Today, children dress up as devils, ghosts, angels and a variety of other creatures. Ity also is a night of pranks. To modern satanists, Samhain is one of the highest holidays of the year. It is a night of sacrifices, rape and rituals.

Should halloween be banned? Should the children be locked tight in their rooms? While no one should deny the satanic nature of many halloween celebrations, it is probably unwise to ban halloween.

While we understand the position taken by people who do not participate at all, a better position might be to set up a;ternative celebrations. Remember, almost all mof the children who dress up as goblins have no idea what their costumes represent. They also have no knowledge of the true origins of halloween.

If a parent or church group holds a party on halloween, then they have control over what the kids are doing without ordering them to sit idle. The party doesn't need to be a standard halloween party, but instead it can be a theme party where the children wear costumes related to a specific theme. By choosing your theme carefully, costumes with a satanic nature can be avoided.

Halloween is also an exceptional time to give out tracts. Tape a piece of candy to each tract and drop it in the bag. Tracts relating to halloween are even better.

All this doesn't mean that we should condone halloween or overlook the actions which will occur that night. Sit down with the children and explain what halloween really means. Most kids are responsive to honest and open dialogue about subjects that concern you. Don't sit them down for a lecture, but let them come to their own conclusions about halloween after they discuss things with you. If presented properly, they'll understand your concerns.

One thing that parents do need to be careful about is that halloween is often a time when satanists and witches look for converts. Often they will hold what appears to be harmless celebrations of halloween. People from outside the group are invited to bonfires or other activities and they look for those who are unduly interested in the occult activities. Again, your best protection is talking to the kids before the situation arises.


The double suicide of two Wyoming Valley West (PA) High School students described as "good boys" had "satanic overtones. Shaun Marc Zarcufsky (16) and Stanley J. Szcuzupski (16) were found dead in Larksville, Pennsylvania's West Side Landfill. Both had died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head, as a result of a "satanic worship pact." The weapons used in the death rite were a 9mm automatic and a .380 caliber belonging to Szcuzupski's father, a Wilkes-Barre, PA police sergeant.

Both teens were reported missing by their parents on Friday, September 20, along with the stolen guns, and their bodies were found at the landfill on Sunday afternoon.

The teens' apparent interest in Satanism was only 3 to 4 weeks old. In that short time, it was evident to parents, teachers and friends that the personalities of both Shaun and Stanley had changed ever-so dramatically in the weeks prior to their deaths. The 130 pieces of evidence found at the scene, including a marijuana pipe, alcohol and music cassettes, one tape whose lyrics "radiated anger and frustration", "Origin of Feces", recorded by a popular heavy metal rock group called "Type-O-Negative" and whose discography, as listed on the Internet's World Wide Web, described as "makes of a barbaric music style with depressing lyrics, and occult paraphernalia", alerted investigators the the teens' involvement into Satanism and the occult. Other music tapes, created by bands dealt with self-mutilation, suicide and drug abuse, were also found at the scene. A search of Zarcufsky's bedroom at home uncovered "scores" of occult-related literature on "Black Magic".

Both youths had left suicide notes, and, prior to their deaths, the two "best friends", one an honor student and the other maintaining a good average, had used illicit drugs and then taped their last and final episode together. The cassette recorder was still in its "record" mode when it was found by police investigators. It is theorized, based on the investigation, which included physical evidence and interviews, that the two teens had ultimately fulfilled their prearranged, planned suicide pact with Satan.

During interviews of educators at Wyoming Valley West High School, a Biology and Chemistry teacher revealed that he had noticed students who dress and behave strangely, but didn't notice anything "out of the ordinary" with Shaun or Stanley. "I would have never thought that there was something in their lives leading to this tragedy," he said.

For more information about teen involvement in Satanism, the occult and cults, and warning signs for parents, "Click Here" and state your request for information in the form of a question, such as:

--How do teens become involved in Satanism?
--What are the warning signs of involvement?
--What can we do?

E-mail ncscia@aol.com for Intervention information.

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Organization News


The reality that many public libraries now carry spell books and occult instruction manuals in their adult sections may not surprise you. But, what's lurking in the children's sections of these libraries may be a real shocker.

A recent visit to the juvenile section of a library branch turned up a number of interesting titles including:

--Stars, Spells and Sorcery
--A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Occult
--Real Magic
--Magicians, Wizards and Sorcerers
--Out of the Cauldron
--Age of Aquarius: You and Astrology
--Meet the Witches
--Witchcraft for Good and Evil
--Devils and Demons
--The Book of Prophecy
--Seances and Spiritualists

Many of these books contained detailed instructions for casting spells. Many also give instructions for contacting demons, using Ouija boards, reading tea leaves, using rystals, divination, using tarot cards, playing Illuminati cards, and avariety of other occult practices.

These books also introduce occult symbolism and portray witchctaft in an extremely favorable light. Witches are portrayed as healers and performers of good deeds.

In one of these books, there is a chapter entitled CALLING UP A SPIRIT and HOW TO CAST A SPELL. Both chapters have detailed instructions. Several of the books also show how to draw magic circles and perform rituals.

Especially alarming is the fact that several of the books are written specifically for children. They are designed to bring kids into the occult at an early age. One book was called A FIRST BOOK and several others carried similar enticements for children. A number of these books were found in large quantity in the juvenile section, but not at all in the adult section.

This library is not an isolated example. It has become standard operating procedure in many libraries across the country, to stock up on occult books in the juvenile section of the public library. One library in New Jersey, was listed as having 19 copies of The Satanic Bible in their one facility. Because it was the most popular title borrowed, it was the title most apt not to be returned by both adult and young library patrons. Standrad operating procedures dictated that additional copies be ordered in order that this small public library branch always have 19 copies on hand which reflected its standard count in the centralized computer system.

While it is virtually impossible to close off all the doors to the occult which are open to children, we can certainly try to close glaring examples.

Adults do have a responsibility to monitor what children read. We do not allow pornography to be sold to children, but we, as a society, allow them to check out spell books and the Satanic Bible. We certainly don't endorse pornography, but in the long run, spell books can be at least as dangerous to youngsters.

We are not calling for mass censorship of the adult sections of the libraries, although spell books aren't good for adults either, but we do feel that it is proper to take a stand on what children are given.

We suggest that you check your own public and school libraries and let us know what you find.

After that, let your public and school library officials know that you're watching what they put into the juvenile sections. If that doesn't work, go to your elected officials. They frequently have a great deal of control over the officials in the public and school library systems.


In September 2000, the Jacksonvlle, Florida Public Library hosted a party with magicians and readings when the latest Harry Potter book was released. The library gave out WITCHCRAFT certficates to 200 young fans of the novel series on the young wizard in-training.

Children were given a HOGWARTS Certificate of Accomplishment for completion of term in HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY. In the books, that's where Harry goes to school.

The focus of the Harry Potter series has been found to be objectionable reading for children by some, as it focuses on witchcraft, death and dying, disrespect of parents and more.

Jacksonville library officials remarked that the issuing of the certificates to the 200 children was a HARMLESS gimmick.

The books feature Harry fighting against the forces of evil, aided by spells, flying brooms and magical instruments.

The witchcraft and wicca communities also expressed their displeasure, saying that the Harry Potter series Does Not deal with the philosophical precepts of wicca or any religious tradition.


A host of concerned parents discovered that relaxation techniques associated with the New Age are being used with their children. Elementary schools have been using the APPLE RELAXATION TAPES that employ hypnotic techniques which producr altered states of consciousness and trance states.

The schools have been using PEACE, HATMONY AND AWARENESS: A Relaxation Program for Children: The SECRET PLACE. As an example, Program #11 explains the development of inner wisdom and the benefits of learning to trust and use this inner knowledge.

The tape leads the child through deep breathing and guided fantasy to feel strong and sure of yourself. Then the child is introduced to a very wise rabbit, who has the answers to all the child's questions.

In this guided fantasy, the child is taken to a SECRET PLACE where he sits in a white beam of light and can get more answers to his/her questions from Deep Underground Springs within you. Parents felt that the closing statement...MANY GROWNUPS DON'T KNOW THESE SECRETS, which discourages children from sharing things like this tape and exercise with their parents.

The program was funded through the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act 4c and is therefore subject to the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, which requires schools to obtain prior, written parental consent before administering any test or program in which a primary is to change behavior or attitudes.

The program manual states that it was developed to help children deal effectively with everyday stress so that they will be able to enjoy more satisfying and creative lives.

As children change some of their behaviors and learn to cope more effectively with life's demands, they will ultimately develop a more positive self-image.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the state, other parents discovered that New Age courses were being advertised and given as a part of the Community Education Program. The courses were funded by both the city and state departments of education.

The description of available courses provided by the school board to the public included a list of LODESTAR ESOTERIC TUESDAYS. During the series of ESOTERIC TUESDAYS, a citizen called this to the attention of school board members who said that the courses did not conflict with board policy because they did not promote a religion. When the board learned that the course material includes basic tenets of Hinduism, Buddhism and New Age religions, only then was the series terminated.