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Getting Involved
The National Clearinghouse on Satanic Crime In America (and)The National Christian Institute of Satanology

We realize that not everyone wants to get involved in the same way.

The NCSCIA Ministry Family offers a number of different options to encourage you and others to get involved in Service.

Here are some Suggestions of how you can help:

--By Getting SAVED Right Here on This Web Site;

--By Becoming a Member; and

--By Volunteering Your Time and Energies to the NCSCIA Ministry Family and those we Serve.

Here is more important information, Do-It-Yourself Membership procedures, and an ever-increasing list of suggestions about how you can volunteer your time and energy to help further the aims, efforts and goals of the National Clearinghouse on Satanic Crime In America and the National Christian Institute of Satanology.

First and Foremost: BECOME A MEMBER!

It's easy, but first, you need to be SAVED! Get Saved through the ARE YOU SAVED? link on this site. Assign yourself a NCSCIA Membership Number using this formula:

NCSCIA + Your Last Name + Your State + Plus This Year


Please place your member number on all correspondence and envelopes, and on anything you send, so we'll be able to say Thank You.

In case of duplicates, you will be advised of the necessary membership number change.

2. Send 12 self-addressed, stamped envelopes for the Printed, Periodic Issues of the NCSCIA FOCUS to:

National Clearinghouse on Satanic Crime In America
Post Office Box 1092
South Orange, NJ 07070-1092
Attn: NCSCIA Focus

3. While reading your Local Newspapers, if you see any articles focusing on young people involved in cult or occult situations, clip it and send it in a timely manner when you get enough to place in an envelope, and send it on for the newsletter.

4. Check your School and Public Libraries and keep us apprised of any escalation of occult-related publications or questionable programs appearing in the juvenile or children's section.

5. Monitor your child's curriculum to see if any New Age, Deep Breathing, or otherwise questionable programs are being introduced without your knowledge.

6. Monitor the entertainment that schools are providing to children, which may be either questionable or with blatant contents associated with the occult.

7. Write to us to express your opinion on anything you see on this site, especially the HOT TOPIC of the Harry Potter series.

8. Take full advantage of the Chapter Evaluations and the many Links we feature. Tell us what you think.

9. We support and fully endorse the PACT (People Against Car Theft) Program and Curriculum which aims to reduce not only the incidence of young people stealing cars, but to point them in the right direction. If you see articles in your local news media about young people stealing cars, send us those articles. The information you send is a vital resource we can use to help others and serve.

10. Register and Sign up to take the MERCY STREET - STREET WITNESSING COURSE, hosted by (Your) NATIONAL CHRISTIAN INSTITUTE OF SATANOLOGY. For Details: E-mail ncscia@aol.com

11. There are lots more, I just can't think of any now. but, I'll be back with more ideas and suggestions!

Register for an Upcoming Event

Keep Checking Back Here. Big Plans are in the Making!!

IT'S OFFICIAL! We are applying for 501(c)(3)Non-Profit Status. Any donations you make will be Tax Deductible.

NCSCIA Membership will ALWAYS be ABSOLUTELY FREE, but, very soon, we'll tell you how you can make a charitable donation, if you so choose, to this ministry, and we'll remind you that charitable contributions are tax deductible.

Write to us and ask us anything you need answers to!

In a Special Place on this NCSCIA web site, we will:

--Highlight our Sponsors;

--Thank our Contributors;

--Salute our Staff and Students; and

--Continue to Honor the Precious Name of Jesus Christ.