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THE ARK: Newton's Law of Motion - DEFIED!
The National Clearinghouse on Satanic Crime In America (and)The National Christian Institute of Satanology





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From...The International Research Headquarters for Rare, Thought-Provoking and Controversial Treasures of Art and Related, Hard-To-Find Artifacts, and Much, Much More...


It is written in the Bible, in Genesis - Chapter 6, that God gave Noah precise instructions for building the Ark.

The length of the Ark shall be 300 cubits, the breadth of it 50 cubits, and the height of it 30 cubits. A window shall thou make to the Ark and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above.


It Defies Newton's Law of Motion and Destroys Practical Geometry.

Through Renaissance of THE ARK, Modern Civilization May Resurrect Truths Hidden For Centuries Long Past....


Not more than once or twice each century, there comes upon the scene, an art object endowed with historical lore, gifted with rare beauty, and rich with scientific significance. A noted investigative researcher, who has devoted years of in-depth research seeking THE ARK's legends in order to assure his model's authenticity, is a candidate for acclaim because of his single-minded purpose in producing THE ARK.

The dimensional starting point was a passage in the Bible; Genesis - Chapter 6, giving THE ARK's length, breadth, and height in cubits. CUBITS express an ancient standard of linear measure. Studies were never able to find the relationship between cubits and feet or meters. Nevertheless, it was possible to establish ARK-model dimensions which are proportional to the original.

Interestingly, the Bible also uses cubits to measure time. In Nicodemus - Chapters 12 and 13, there are statements which equate 5.5 cubits with 5,500 years.

From research it was learned that only spherical surfaces were used for the ARK's external contours. Spheres are formed by arcs.

Faithfully, THE ARK images the original shape.

Great artists extol the arc as the most beautiful of lines. Much of THE ARK's exquisite beauty stems from its gentle, flowing curves. The sculptured style is reminiscent of Brancusi's bronze figure, Bird in Space.

THE ARK comparably expresses the quintessence of form and movement.

In addition to Biblical passages, reference to THE ARK is also found in writings of other venerable religions. The most ancient of records refer to the vessel as the constellation Argo Navis. THE ARK is portrayed on the Denderah Zodiac Stone, an artifact preceding 4,000 B.C. There is evidence that the Akkadians were familiar with the THE ARK's configuration, as a curious fact, an eskimo kayak closely resembles THE ARK's exterior design, and truly combines the charisma of history and aesthetic beauty.

But THE ARK is also a baffling enigma...for it DEFIES Newton's First Law of Motion concerning inertia.

Here is the simple demonstration:

When you order and receive your ARK.....

Place THE ARK, keel down on a flat surface; Tap one end to impart rotation in the counter-clockwise direction. As the rotation begins to slow, a cyclic pitching motion is observed.

This occurs without application of any additional force, contradicting Newton and his First Law of Motion.

The initial rotation stops when the pitching reaches a peak.

Then, instantaneously, and without applying any additional force, cyclic rotation starts up in the opposite direction, again in contradiction with Newton's First Law of Motion.

These startling phenomena puzzle scientists - and even computers. THE ARK may be telling us that we should seek a new approach to physical science, new concepts to explain the cyclic nature of the world around us, or, perhaps, the elusive true system may require re-discovery.

It is possible that the ancients understood the cyclic manifestations of nature better than we do at the present time.

What Else Do We Know About THE ARK?

We Do Know That:

--Its creator's original concept of NOAH'S ARK was built in 1964 of: mahogany, fir ... and walnut;

--On display, it sits as the solitary object in a large, bare, white-walled room;

--Its creator has taken the four dimensions in the Old Testament, the oldest recorded dimensions on earth, and reproduced them in their proper ratio. The result is THE ARK, a beautifully hand-crafted work, measuring 12 feet - 9 inches long, 18 inches deep, and approximately 26 inches wide;

--The dimensions of (Noah's Ark) are given in Genesis in cubits. The length of (Noah's Ark) shall be 300 cubits; the breadth of it 50 cubits, and the height of it 30 cubits. A window shalt thou make to the ark and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above.

This last dimension is the fourth dimension, the camber across the deck. The ratios are 1 to 6 and 10 to 1.

THE ARK's creator sees his ARK as something more than an artist conception of the famous Noah's Ark. He believes THE ARK proves our present mathematical concepts don't fully explain the world around us. To him, it demonstrates there is another realm of reality our present linear geometries fail to explain.

He has an unusual way of making his point.

Taking a small replica of his ARK, (available for your purchasing and immediate delivery) he set it on a smooth piece of glass and spun it like a top. As the object began to slow down, it went into a rocking or up-and-down motion. Suddenly it stopped rocking and slowly began to spin backwards from the direction in which it originally was spun.

This last motion, the backwards spin of THE ARK, defies Newton?irst Law.


The creator of THE ARK believes that the spinning motion of THE ARK represents the daily rotation of the earth on its axis. The pitch represents the yearly orbit or cycle of the earth around the sun, while the rolling motion of the ARK model stands for the earth?rocessional motion the approximate 26,000-year cycle where the earth wobbles like a top on its axis. THE ARK demonstrates the gyroscopic motions of the earth and shows the need for development of a cyclic geometry. Present geometries, based upon our physical senses, are linear. They don?ake into account cycles a time dimension. The dimensions given in the Bible were given in cubits; and, based on other studies, completed by the creator of THE ARK, cubits were not only a linear dimension but a time dimension as well.

During the late 1950s and early 1960s, the creator of THE ARK had some unexplained intuitive experiences which led him to his conclusions. After doing some studies of the early semantists, he reasoned that if a word had a different meaning to different people, then mathematical concepts might be subject to the same confusion. He felt certain that our present laws of mathematics did not fully express reality.

Being a practical man, he went looking for an object, a graphic tool he could use to express his intuitive experiences.

The original ARK and the small replica, (which is being made available to you), will offer a unique experience and opportunity to "touch, feel and work with" your research.

The specially created replicas of THE ARK have been x-rayed, examined with oscilloscopes and tested for magnets every effort has been made to insure that there are no gimmicks!

When the creator of THE ARK presents his ideas to interested and astounded audiences, his verbal text is fast and filled with complicated mathematical and religious concepts, certainly expected to fully prove his point about the concept, scope and the creation of THE ARK.

His presence and the delivery of his intelligence is surely comparable to those which have occurred countless hundreds and thousands of times, through the ages, as men who believe they have made a new discovery present their ideas to a skeptical audience. But the creator of THE ARK faces a dilemma in presenting his ideas to any audience because the dimensions of THE ARK come from the Bible and thus, from God. Therefore, he continually finds himself a scientific heretic because, to him, THE ARK demonstrates the fallacy of some of our present-day scientific beliefs.

He likens himself to a person who goes into a church and blasphemes God. But the gods he is contradicting are men like Newton. During his lectures, some young researchers and scholars defend the present giants of science and call him a charlatan.

This doesn't really bother THE ARK's creator at all.

He is used to creating problems for people who have difficulty accepting his work. The whole scene merely proves that his material and research isn?asy to just accept at face value and merely take in stride.

Considering himself as a seeming iconoclast, he explains that he is trying to break the mental images ingrained in us that work like blocks, jamming the flow of any new ideas. He is a believer in his discoveries, no matter how challenged he is about them, and especially THE ARK, which serves as a rediscovery on an ancient system which has great importance for all of us living today. "We cannot go back! The ecologist cannot have us go back and live as the Indian. Yet, at the same time, technology cannot carry us forward in its present direction. We would merely destroy our environment; and if we do that, we will of course destroy ourselves," he says.

The creator of THE ARK believes that THE ARK demonstrates the need for a new geometry. This is important because it removes us from our present mathematical system which we are presently chained to. By the use of a geometry based on the finite concepts, we have a finite universe. However, using an infinite geometry gives us a universe based on infinite concepts and thus perpetual motion. He adds, "If there is no perpetual motion, there can be no hereafter. It comes down to fundamentally this either existence or nonexistence."

"If there is no such thing as God, (as the atheist and other movements would have you to believe), then there has to be infinity, eternity and perpetual motion. How could you have a hereafter and a soul without perpetual motion perpetual motion means something exists forever. Thus, people who put down perpetual motion and still claim they believe in God are double-minded. You cannot have one without the other. Therefore, if we change our concepts of gyroscopic motion, we will change our concepts of atomic structure and magnetism. It becomes another world altogether. And if there is such a thing as perpetual motion and anti-gravity, then it means that we don?ave to live in cities, we could use devices like flying saucers. We would be able to turn salt water into fresh. We could really loosen the shackles and chains; and instead of using animals and men as slaves, we could tap into what are now hidden forces of nature."

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THE ARK! It Defies Newton's First Law of Motion and Geometry ... As We Know It Today!

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