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Our online newsletter contains news about organizational activities along with articles relevant to our organization's mission. On this page, we'll include a links to the most recent edition of our newsletter, as well as to back editions.

Special Pre-Halloween 2000 Issue

Pre-Halloween 2000 On-LineIssue
October 2000

Since 1988, THE NCSCIA FOCUS has represented the NATIONAL CLEARINGHOUSE ON SATANIC CRIME IN AMERICA in creating a public awareness media highlighting instances and events of occult-related crime occurring in America, while offering training, and intervention and prevention tips and strategies based on lessons learned and vast investigative research by the dedicated and devoted voluntary, professional staff. As subscribers, readers and as lifetime members of this organization, you have served us well by sending in articles and e-mail, which has provided us with a host of other avenues for information and an expanded glimpse of issues occurring in your geographic areas. On behalf of our organization and staff, I salute you and thank you for your continuous efforts and support of this investigative research and training coalition. For those many members who have submitted their 12 self-addressed, stamped envelopes to defray the postage costs of this self-funded effort, over these more than 12 years, we thank you and appeal for you to continue to help us defray our postage costs. In turn, we will continue to provide you with any and all information we feel will be of assistance to you in this unique area of investigative research and reporting since 1988. Both on-line and e-mail newsletter versions are available. Please feel free to browse our updated web site:

For the many NCSCIA members who have purchased copies of THE AMERICAN FOCUS ON SATANIC CRIME series volumes, available since the release of series volume #1 in January 1989, we thank you and wish to advise you that we will shortly complete and release series volume #44. Complete details will be provided in the next issue of THE NCSCIA FOCUS, the official periodic newsletter of THE NATIONAL CLEARINGHOUSE ON SATANIC CRIME IN AMERICA.

Many organizations publish prepaid weekly and monthly newsletters that contain a myriad of information addressing the aims and goals of the issuing organization, but THE NCSCIA FOCUS, as you know, is an absolutely FREE periodic media which offers a direct focus on issues that affect us at home, in the school, and in the streets of our nation and the global village, and thus reveals and exposes many of the questionable occurrences which affect our children during their quests to obtain the highest possible quality of education available, both in the school and on the college and university campus, as well as in the workplace.

While bringing to the forefront the activities that we, as concerned parents and professionals alike, find questionable, we highlight the incidents without identifying the educational institutions by name or its geography, unless we find it vital to do so. We feel that this offers you, the NCSCIA member, subscriber, reader, parent, educator, law enforcement professional and significant other, the unique ability to conduct your own research and become informed while empowering you to make your own informed decisions. When our members provide us with news clippings of issues or e-mail focusing on occurrences in the public?ye view, media or in the public domain, then we feel it is important to share the location with you, as you may be in the vicinity and possibly were not aware.

Our newsletters do not feature commercial ads; just timely information you need to know! If you see a commercial banner on this on-line edition, please rest assured that it comes with the web site creation engine and is completely out of our control.


Are parents and churches justified in keeping their children from Halloween parties? Do Halloween celebrations contribute to Satanism and occult interests? These questions and many others are being asked by parents, pastors, teachers each Halloween season. Here is our research, courtesy of longtime NCSCIA investigative research staff member Carlton Hafer.

First, we?offer some details about the history of Halloween. Before Halloween, there was a Celtic holiday to celebrate the New Year and honor Samhain, who was the Celtic god of the dead. The church then made November 1 All Saints Day. Halloween, which is also called All Hallows Eve, then became a pagan festival to honor all the deities with a special emphasis on Samhain.

A common druidic belief was that barriers between the worlds of the gods and mankind were broken down this night. Because of this, fires, animal and even human sacrifices were common in some areas. The festival has traditionally been satanic, or at least associated with witchcraft practices. Today, children dress up as devils, ghosts, angels and a variety of seemingly ?ry?eatures. It?lso is a night of pranks. To modern Satanists, Samhain is one of the highest holidays of the year. It is a night of sacrifices, rape and rituals, according to the occult calendar.

Should Halloween be banned? Should the children be locked tight in their rooms? While no one should deny the satanic nature of many Halloween celebrations, it is probably unwise to ban Halloween. While we fully understand the position taken by a variety of people who do not participate at all, a better position might be to set up a series of alternative celebrations. Remember, almost all of the children who dress up as goblins have neither the first clue nor idea what their costumes represent. They also have no knowledge of the true origins of Halloween.

If a parent or church group holds a party on Halloween, then they have control over what the kids are doing without ordering them to sit idle. The party doesn't need to be a standard Halloween party, but instead it can be a theme party where the children wear costumes related to a specific theme. By choosing your theme carefully, costumes with a satanic nature can be avoided.

Halloween is also an exceptional time to give out either religious tracts or educational gifts. Religious groups can tape a piece of candy to each tract and schools can do the same with some form of educational gift and drop it in the bag. Tracts and gifts relating to or which provide and educational overview of the true origins or the reasons for celebrating Halloween are even better.

All this doesn't mean that we should condone Halloween or overlook the actions that will occur that night. Sit down with your children and explain what Halloween really means. Most kids are responsive to honest and open dialogue about subjects that concern you. Don't sit them down for a lecture, but let them become informed and come to their own informed conclusions about Halloween. If presented properly, they will learn and will more than understand your concerns.

One thing that parents do need to be careful about is that Halloween is often a time when satanists, occultists and witches look for converts. Often they will hold, what appear to be, harmless celebrations of Halloween. People from outside the group are invited to bonfires or other activities and they look for those who are unduly interested in the occult activities. Again, your best protection is talking to the kids before the situation arises, again making them informed.


For most of us, Halloween is a mildly amusing night that means jack o?nterns, trick-or-treaters, and children garbed in costumes which seek to instill fear in the lives of those who do or don?ave a treat for them when they go house to house to solicit treats. Sadly, in some American cities, Halloween and it?receding Mischief Night sounds High Alert for law enforcement and fire service professionals who have certainly do not look forward to HELL NIGHT, which results in home, building and automobile fires being viciously set, and rampant crime and related violence as a form of holiday trickery. Fortunately for many public service professionals in these affected areas, Halloween comes only once a year, which is about all they can take of this annual event.

But, long before Halloween, many young and impressionable children are exposed to much more of these blatant occult themes than is widely known, especially by those who should be the first to know: Parents. ??, sadly, it happens daily in many American schools!

For some children in the public school classroom, however, Halloween is not just a once-a-year event. The fearsome characters who possess supernatural powers and prowl in the night are often made larger than life in the classroom; they populate school curricula, supplementary reading books and films shown in class throughout the school year. Many parents have been shocked to discover that their children have been subjected to frightening materials as a part of their regular school instruction. The children are usually too young or impressionable to deal with such materials. Here are some examples of what parents are complaining about:

THE WITCHES by Ronald Dahl was read aloud to second graders in a school during regular school hours during a period, which was designated reading aloud time. The book starts out with the caveat, This is not a fairy tale. This is about real witches. The book goes on to say that real witches dress in ordinary clothes; look like ordinary women; hate children; and get their pleasure from ?ng away with one child a week??a year.

The parents learned about this horrendous instruction only when their second graders had nightmares.

Seventh graders at a school have for years been assigned to read the guide to the London Dungeon, a British museum where tourists can see frightening displays of wax figures demonstrating hideous torture practices that were used in bygone eras. The guide itself states that the exhibition is not recommended to unaccompanied or young children. The class assignment instructed the children to write a paragraph describing your own form of torture.

Now, is that a nice lesson to give a seventh grader?

One child announced that he was going home and try this torture on his little brother.

In another school, 11-year-olds were given a book called THE HEADLESS CUPID, which is about a girl practicing to be a witch. The book graphically describes witchcraft and occult practices, including spirit guides, s?ces and initiation rites.

A class of sixth-graders was shown the R-rated movie, DAWN OF THE DEAD as a reward after they had finished a test. Parents were not informed in advance and, when they finally reviewed the film, were shocked to find that it contained cannibalism, brutally violent scenes and was steeped in satanic and occult-related themes.

In still another American school, the film, THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER was shown to sixth-graders. Parents complained because it shows a witch calling up the devil from the pit of hell while the walls appear to be coming alive with humans who are bleeding and screaming in agony. The witch worships the devil by licking and kissing him, calling him my god and my master.

Fourth graders at another school were required to use a seemingly dated reading book series that included stories about self-proclaimed witches, witchcraft and Satanism. The book series, MAN, MYTH AND MAGIC, which can be found in many public and school libraries throughout the nation due to its past popularity and because of its being a part of the Random House COUNTERPOINT 2 reading series, and which includes filmstrips and audio cassettes claimed by the publisher to be factual and widely used across the country.

Since September 21, television and movie features with occult-related content has filled the time slots viewed primarily by children and on the cable and mainstream television channels most often viewed by young people, many around the occult theme number 13. These features have included marathons of 13 shows using blatant occult themes including witchcraft, Satanism, demons and spells.

This is nothing new, because it happens each and every year, commencing September 21, and ending its season spread on November 1. Ironically, with the targeted occult entertainment, market seemingly aimed at young viewers, the news media continues to remind young viewers that peer interest in witchcraft and Satanism continue to rise. Just take a glance at your local television, cable and movie listings to really get an idea of just how massive this annual occult campaign really is.

We guarantee that you?be amazed even if you look in the listing for the day you read this newsletter between September 21 and November 1!

This grim reality has also been mirrored and expanded upon by an ever-growing number of women and parent-oriented magazines, commenting on their observations and reader input.

--Suddenly satanic symbols seem to be as obvious a sign of modern young generation as bobby sox were of another.

Interspersed with a cases study of Satanism-related murder involving several teen-age boys in a mid-western state, the magazines have detailed the warning signs of teen occult involvement.. Has the targeted audience of parents and educators taken advantage of knowing these warning signs or has this information met with gross denial or the belief that it is a fad that will pass? In reality, for too many young people, it has become their worst nightmare!

So, the question arises, even after the death of Howard Levy (aka Anton Szandor LaVey), founder of the First Church of Satan in California, does Satanism, witchcraft and the occult play a key role in the lives of America?hildren and youth? You do the math, but with continuous evidence of slaughtered animals, handprints in animal blood on walls, cemetery desecration, corpse theft and apparent Satanism-related suicides, we say, without a doubt, YES!

It is important to note that the National Clearinghouse on Satanic Crime In America is an all-volunteer, investigative research organization. It is vital that you know that Satanism fad is NOT simply or merely harmless!

Concerned parents should check into the reading materials and visual materials their children are given and presented with at school, especially at the elementary grade levels. You, as a concerned parent or educator, maybe temporarily labeled as a fanatic, but, through your concern, you might just save impressionable and vulnerable children from one, some or many unhappy school experiences.

Check Your Public & School Libraries!


For twelve long years, the dread fortress of Azkaban held an infamous prisoner named Sirius Black. Convicted for killing 13 people with a single curse, he was said to be able to be the heir apparent to the Dark Lord, Voldemort. Harry Potter is not safe, not even within the walls of his magical school, surrounded by his friends. Because on top of it all, there may well be a traitor in their midst.... From the inside cover of??RY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN.


The Jacksonville, Florida Public Library hosted a party when the latest Harry Potter book was released. It gave out witchcraft certificates to 200 young fans of the novel series on the young wizard-in-training. But what was intended as a gimmick to encourage reading drew the ire of some parents. And a national religious freedom organization threatened to sue. We do not want our children to be exposed to witchcraft, was the cry of a parent of six. If they are going to pass out witchcraft certificates, they should promote the Bible and pass out certificates of righteousness. The complaints flabbergasted the library director who nonetheless stopped handing out the certificates. The branch library hosted the party, which featured a magician and readings by children of their favorite passages from the first three Harry Potter books.

The children were given a HOGWARTS CERTIFICATE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR COMPLETION of Term in HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY. In the books, that is where Harry goes to school.

Local church pastors found the Harry Potter series of books to be very objectionable. They focus on witchcraft, death and dying, disrespect of parents and much more which we find totally objectionable. We believe that witchcraft is a religion and the certificate endorsed a particular religion in violation of the First Amendment.

What are your thoughts on the Harry Potter Issue? ??d Our Newsletter?

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