Police and Workplace Armed Robbery Prevention Training 2003
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Armed Robbery Training Manual on CD-ROM - Credit Card Orders.

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--Identifying Lies In Disguise
--The Private Eyes Handbook on Insurance Investigation
--Police Use of Force
--Bomb Countermeasures 2.0 CD-ROM
--Hidden Traps and Secret Compartments - Police Search Training 
--Merchants At War: Survival Tactics for Armed and Unarmed Merchants
--The American Focus on Gangs
--The American Focus on Serial Killers
--Street Gang Identification Manual
--The Truth About Street Gangs
--The 15-Minute Roll Call Video on Street Gangs
--Cults on Campus - The Video 
--The American Focus on Castration Series
--The American Focus on Satanic Crime Series
--Criminal Profiling
and More!

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Survival Tactics for Armed and Unarmed Merchants

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